About Us

We are the market leaders in the business of garage doors and garage door repairs. We have been in this business for over a decade now. Overman garage doors Brisbane is a family owned company that has specialized in selling of garage doors and offering repair services. The company has grown significantly over the years to the huge demand of these products and services in Brisbane and its environs. As a result of this, the business has since been split into product and equipment provider and also offers repair services.

The company is bigger than ever before and we have grown consistently over the years in our efforts to meet all these growing demands from our customers not only from Brisbane/its environs, but also other parts of this country. We make a number of installations every day as well as repairs. Most of the houses here were built more than a decade ago and we have always been there to offer solutions to some of these which are falling apart or getting worn out.

We repair and provide replacements for garage door engines: we offer these services to our customers who have installed automatic doors for their garages. The previous models of garage door engines are less durable as compared to more recent ones. Give us a call and get us do the replacements for you.

We sell a wide variety garage doors and if you are looking for new ones then you definitely need to try us. We have sliding, overhead, double-wide and many more types of garage doors at our stores for sale. To know the specific types that are available for sale, you can grab yourself catalogues from our offices.

For all our clients who have faulty garage door openers, you can call or come to us and request us to offer you the right replacement/repair services. We can reprogram the door opening system for you and fix any other thing to ensure it works smoothly and efficiently once more.

We also offer garage door spare parts such as new openers, keypads etc. We offer the latest, most efficient and stylish of these spare parts. For all these products and services, you can always rely on us because we are able to deliver them in time. Call us and we will be at your service.