Panel Lift Garage Doors

At Overman garage doors Brisbane, we offer a wide variety of panel lift garage doors from where you can choose. We sell them to you in different colors, designs and options which will perfectly suit what you require for your garage. This is because we are highly dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers who we believe have different tastes and preferences.


This type of door is smooth to operate and does not make noise when opening it. Nylon wheels and ball bearings ensure that it opens smoothly. The door is fitted with polypropylene at the site of manufacturer, with an internal system of hinges and molded glass with a polypropylene track curve reinforcement. This makes the door to run more smoothly without much risk of the door binding.


We ensure that this type of door is safe to operate. We have designed it in such a way to prevent chances of your fingers getting caught in between the door. This is made possible by the edges that are rolled up on stiles, panels and some reinforcements with blunt edges that reduce the risk of cutting your fingers.


Panel lift garage doors are very durable. They are made tough from various materials and can last for a very long time. Cables are made from stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. Larger doors have extra panel reinforcements to increase their strength. Hinges are fitted at the factory so you will not have to maintain them after installing the door.


These doors have a soft, pliable bottom that prevents entry of rainwater from the bottom of the door. There are other seal options available that reduces the spaces between the doors to ensure that the harsh weather is kept at bay. You can also paint the doors to prevent such effects of weather changes.


We are at the forefront of innovating new designs of panel lift garage doors by adding more features that will contribute to the safety of your garage. Most of these doors are automated and can be easily controlled by a remote control from a safe distance. Some of them are also fitted with sensor systems which will reverse back and open when they encounter an object along their way. For more information about this and other products, call us.