Is purchasing garage doors necessary?

Garages doors are very important since they boost the level of security for your garage. They restrain unnecessary people from entering it besides attracting customers if they are beautifully designed.


Which is the best material for a garage door?

There are a lot of options concerning the kind of materials that you will use for your garage door, but the most common ones are steel, wood and iron. For a cheap and more secure door, steel is highly preferred. Wood is a much expensive option although it is more customizable in terms of design. In the latter case, ensure you use hardwood which is tough.


Aren’t garage doors expensive?

Not all garage doors are expensive. Purchasing ordinary steel doors will save you quite some amount of money.


How should I maintain my garage door?

Wash the outer part of the garage door to remove dust particles and grit. Repaint the wooden doors to protect them from cracking due rain water and heat from the sun. Contrary to popular belief, do not apply lubricants such as oil or grease as they will not help you.


Is the garage roller door a secure option?

Yes. They have an auto lock feature which is standard for most high end doors. This simply means that when the door is closed the auto lock feature will be activated which will lock the door securely. There are cases where electromechanical brakes are fitted to ensure that it is impossible to open the door once it is locked.

How do you know whether the door is safe?

Most of the garage doors are fitted with photocells. These detect objects nearby via reflections does averting any occurrences of damage or injury.


Is there a way of opening an automatic door in case of power failure?

You cannot open it from outside. This is why you should ensure that you make an easily accessible secondary entrance when you are installing the door. Once you are inside, you can open it manually with a wind up mechanism.


How do I protect my garage doors from harsh climatic conditions?

Rain and sunshine can cause wooden garage doors to crack. These two can also make garage doors made from non-galvanized metal to get rusty. Painting the door will definitely protect your door from such.