Automatic Gates


There are different types of automatic gates. Most of them are made of steel, aluminum and wood. The most important factor to consider when installing is how you are going to open it. Most gates operate by sliding, lifting or swinging to open. The options you have to choose from are quite numerous. It is upon you to do some research on the type of gate that will suit your needs. At Overman garage doors Brisbane we relieve you the burden of having to do a lot of research by listing some of the best automatic gates that you can get for yourself.

For your gate to be able to open automatically, you definitely have to invest in an opening system. This system can be controlled using a remote control from your own comfort; some distance away from the gate itself. You should seek a professional to install the system if you are not familiar with the process. At Overman garage doors Brisbane, we offer installation services and we are always ready to assist you if you have any problems with installing the automatic gate at your garage.

Gates that are operated by lifting are most ideal if your garage is short of space. This is mostly seen in big garages which require extra space for parking vehicles, storage of waste materials, work tools and other belongings. These gates are opened by first raising them up and then raising them out. They also increase the amount of space that is left for your driveway.

Slide gates are preferred for places with uneven terrain. This is because these kind of gates work perfectly at different angles in such terrains. If the area in which your garage is located is not even, this type of gate can save you some money because you will not have to pay for it to be levelled. It is also preferred because it opens much more quickly than other gates as you lift it.

Swing gates is very ideal for garages on a level terrain operating on a lean budget. You can easily install this gate yourself if the area is plain. It is also one of the simplest automatic gates to use as its mechanics are quite straightforward. Call us for more information about automatic gates.